Does a Dirty Filter Stop a Furnace from Working?

Dirty air filters can be the cause of an oven that works inefficiently. This is because these filters trap dust, dirt, and debris, such as hair, which can restrict or block vital air flow, overheating the heat exchanger and preventing the oven from working as it should. A clogged oven air filter will also affect the airflow throughout the house and the HVAC system. The lack of fresh air in the oven will cause the heat exchanger to become too hot and deactivated.

Dirty filters can also lead to short cycling problems and make it difficult to maintain heat in your home. To avoid damaging the air conditioner compressor, we recommend replacing the clogged air filter before the summer season. The fan performance of the heating and cooling system has a major impact on your home's energy consumption. The harder this fan has to work to attract air to the entire house, the higher your energy bills will be.

In fact, according to the Department of Energy, a clogged filter can consume 15% more energy. This inefficiency increases rapidly as the filter becomes increasingly clogged or until it is repaired. To prevent poor air quality and high energy costs, follow the manufacturer's instructions and replace the oven filter regularly. If this doesn't happen, the electronic protection of the “limit switch” may fail and then the oven will not turn on at all.

So does an air filter really matter? To answer this question, let's take a look at what happens if you don't routinely change your heating and cooling filter. If the air filter becomes clogged during the summer cooling season, this can cause the evaporator or cooling coil to freeze because not enough air passes through the coil to dissipate the condensation that normally occurs during the cooling process. To find out when to change the filter, consider installing a CleanAlert FILTERSCAN WiFi air filter monitor. The device needs an unlocked airflow to operate smoothly. You should check the boiler filter once a month, especially during winter when it works hard to keep your home warm.

A well-maintained oven can last longer than one that has problems or suffers from wear and tear. In addition to changing filters, this also means checking the oven to make sure everything is working properly. Running an oven without a filter overnight isn't likely to cause problems, but you should never allow this to become a long-term solution. When an air filter is dirty and clogged, it forces the boiler to work harder than usual to compensate for increased airflow obstruction. We recommend scheduling an oven set-up every fall to ensure that your oven is in optimal condition before colder weather arrives.

If this continues to happen, there is electronic protection with a limit switch that will fail and cause the oven to not turn on at all, leading to an expensive repair. To ensure that your home's air is safe to breathe, it's important to continuously replace your oven air filter in order to prevent dirt and debris from seeping into your air supply.

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