2-inch Furnace Filters: Are They Better Than 1-inch?

When it comes to furnace filters, the thicker the filter, the less restrictive it is. This means that 2-inch oven filters allow better airflow than 1-inch filters. However, these two are not drastically different in thickness. Thicker media filters tend to seal in the filter cabinet much better than one-inch filters.

With a static pressure budget of 0.25 WC, a 2-inch pleated filter has a static pressure of 0.158 WC, making it a much better choice than the 1-inch filter. The following table lists standard size 1, 2, and 4 inch deep air conditioner filters for your air conditioner, oven, HVAC and Atomic Filters filters. Also listed are the collections of whole-house air filters offered by Atomic Filters. When it comes to a 1-inch versus 2-inch oven filter, you can use a 2-inch filter if the vent is deep enough and a 2-inch filter will generally last longer, since it has more media.

Thicker oven filters, known as media filters, almost always work better than cheaper one-inch filters. At the same time, a thicker filter is less restrictive and will allow a better flow of purified air. However, being more efficient at capturing particles means you'll clog the filter faster, resulting in more filter changes.1-inch pleated air filters have higher MERV ratings for one simple reason: they have more surface area to trap particles. If you're considering a thicker air filter to improve air quality, it may be best to focus on the MERV rating.

If you try to use a 4-inch thick air filter for a system that is made for a 1-inch thick filter, the efficiency will actually be worse. Air filters and oven filters are the same thing and are also known as air conditioning filters, air conditioning filters and HVAC filters. Ovens come in various sizes and configurations, meaning there's no one-size-fits-all filter. Honeywell and a few other filter manufacturers have a product available that uses a 1-inch head and a 5-inch filter medium. For comparison, a 4-inch thick filter will have approximately twice as many surface areas as a 2-inch thick filter. In conclusion, when it comes to furnace filters, 2-inch oven filters are generally better than 1-inch filters due to their increased airflow and ability to seal in the filter cabinet better.

However, when choosing an oven filter for your system, it's important to consider the MERV rating as well as the thickness of the filter.

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