Can a Dirty Air Filter Shut Down a Furnace?

Operating an oven with a dirty filter can cause some serious problems. It prevents air from flowing properly through the oven, resulting in a colder home. Once the system realizes something is wrong, it shuts down instead of letting any of the components burn or break. The most significant damage a clogged air filter can cause to your home is the damage it causes to the boiler.

A dirty filter can prevent the boiler from heating your home.As with your HVAC unit in summer, an oven that can't dissipate heat efficiently heats up more and more. Ovens have what is known as a limit switch, which will automatically turn off the oven when it reaches a specific temperature. Dust and dirt from a household air filter restrict air flow, forcing the boiler to work hard and use more energy to heat or cool the house. Like replacing the car's engine oil and air filter every 3,000 miles, a clean HVAC air filter protects the boiler system from damage and, ultimately, from completely failing.Change the boiler air filter and HVAC unit at least once every six months, or according to the manufacturer's instructions.

So what's the problem? Does an air filter really matter? In an effort to answer this, let's take a look at what happens if you don't routinely change your heating and cooling filter. If you leave the air filter in the boiler for too long, it can become so dirty that the unit stops working completely. According to the Diamond Certified organization, a clogged oven air filter is the primary cause of equipment failure.This inefficiency increases rapidly as the filter becomes increasingly clogged or until the filter is repaired. If you don't want poor air quality or increase energy costs, follow the manufacturer's instructions and replace the oven filter regularly.

If the filter becomes too clogged with dust, dander, and dirt, the fan will have to work harder to get air through a clogged filter. You can detect some signs that it's time to replace the filter even before the oven shuts down completely.A clogged air filter will allow all the dust and debris that should be filtered to be recirculated back to your home. A professional HVAC technician can solve these problems for you and let you know how often you should change your oven filter to avoid these problems. It's important to continuously check and replace dirty air filters every 1 to 6 months to save money on energy consumption.

If you suspect that your boiler is not working properly because you haven't changed the air filter, first check the kill switch and circuit breakers to ensure that the boiler is actually turned on.If you don't feel comfortable or don't have time to do so, be sure to schedule regular maintenance service for your boiler and HVAC system, including the replacement of filters by a certified HVAC technician. When the air filter is dirty and clogged, the boiler must work harder than usual to compensate for the increased airflow obstruction. We recommend replacing the clogged air filter before summer season to avoid damaging the air conditioner compressor.

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